Primary School with Integrated Classes no 111
44/46 Jaracza street, 90-252 Lodz
tel. 048 426331256, fax 048 426325806
sp111@poczta.onet.pl, www.sp111.edu.lodz.pl

sp111lodz_1Primary School with Integrated Classes in Lodz, Poland is the school in the centre of a big industrial town. There are about 450 students. We have ten integrated classes. In these classes there are healthy students and also about five SEN students who are in care of supportive teachers. It is a tremendous advantage that these students can stay with healthy children and at the same time the curriculum is fitted to their abilities. They work on the general curriculum but in relation to Special Educational Needs students it is modified according to a child’s disabilities, dynamics of evolution and the progress. The kinds of disabilities in our school are: Autism, Asperger’s syndrome, ADHD,  mental retardation, MPD (multiple personality disorder), hard-of-hearing and  visually impaired children.

Reflecting on the special educational needs of our students therefore we have some sp111lodz_2specialists on duty in our school. They are:
a rehabilitation specialist, a speech therapist, a specialist for corrective-compensative classes, a psychologist, a nurse.  In care of  harmonious development we offer Developmental Movement Method Classes and educational-therapeutic classes for our SEN students.

Our motto is:

 ‘In friendship and domestic atmosphere we lead our students towards knowledge. We teach how to think, understand, respect and love’.

Our School  – presentation (.pdf file)
Integration in SP 111 – presentation (.pdf file)
Integration in SP111 (.doc document)
Integrated classess in our school (.doc document)
This is how I do it (educational project) – presentation (.pdf file)

Alternative assessment – presentation (.pdf file)
Alternative assessment survey (.doc document)
SWOT analysis (.doc document)

Education system in Poland (.ppt presentation)
Psychological and pedagogical help in Poland (.ppt presentation)


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