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The “Schule am Voßbarg” is a special school for children with learning difficulties. There are pupils at the age from seven to sixteen (sometimes seventeen), the vast majority of them is socially deprived. Almost every child who attends the “Schule am Voßbarg”, was not able to achieve the cognitive or social demands in his or her previous school. We try to give our pupils the chance to develop self-confidence, to find out that they can learn, that they have available their own potential.

ger_school_3The “Schule am Voßbarg” is an all-day school which is not yet common in Germany or Lower Saxony, pupils from the pupils company “Iss was” prepare the lunch. Pupils from class five to ten are at school at two afternoons per week, depending what kind of activity they choose. Pupils can also acquire the Certificate of Secondary Education, which more than fifty percent realized in the past.

Learning also includes things like cooking, repairing bikes, carpentry, New Technologies , old regional language, school band, HipHop-Dance, guitar and keyboard lesson, horse riding, bee keeping  and other practical applications.


These presentations about our partner schools were made by pupils in class 9.

Postards from Blankenberge (.ppt presentation)
Lodz – Poland (.ppt presentation)
Larnaca – Cyprus (.ppt presentation)
Galway – Ireland (.ppt presentation)
Vienna – Austria (.ppt presentation)

These small presentations about Rastede were made by pupils in class 4/5.

A Learning Journal (.pptx presentation)
Working with the weekly work plan (.pptx presentation)
Rastede by Lena and Nils (.ppt presentation)
Rastede by Kevin and Yasmina (.ppt presentation)

Weekly work plan:
Weekly work plan (.docx document)
Self and peer assessment (.pptx presentation)

Material for parents, teachers and self screening social strengths and difficulties:


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