The American Academy Junior School Larnaca


We are a private English Junior School named ‘American Academy Junior School’ located in a southern coastal town of Cyprus, Larnaca.  Our school has around 200 pupils,
aged 3 -12 years.

This year we are in a brand new building with a newly opened Nursery Department.


The school covers some aspects of the UK curriculum tailored to fit in with our individual syllabus.  All children learn Greek and also have a weekly Greek Culture lesson.

 Our main purpose is to provide a high standard of education and training for our pupils and to help them to develop the knowledge, skills and values which will equip them to be active citizens in an ever changing world.  We encourage each child to develop academically in a happy, but disciplined atmosphere where pupils can enjoy learning.
Through their active participation in all aspects of school life we aim to increase their confidence and raise their self esteem.  We encourage them to take responsibilityfor their actions and exhibit respect, tolerance andunderstanding of others. We support children in developing informed judgements and values, developing a moral and social conscience.

For each child to achieve his/her maximum potential, we value the importance of the relationship between home and school.  We place a great deal of emphasis on charity work and fund raising.

We hit the floor on 3rd October to raise funds for Breast Cancer Research and our new school.

Within our school community we have children from at least 14 different nationalities.  While there is a strong English/Cypriot foundation we enjoy the wide range of ethnic influences that such a multicultural school community can offer.

We also have children with Specific Learning Style Preferences, such as Dyslexia, Dyscalculia and ADHD.  We aim to accommodate these children mainstream by promoting staff and pupil awareness, for mutual acceptance and inclusion of all learners.  We also offer individual5 and small group support with learning during the morning and in the afternoon school.   This is done through the ‘LEARN’ department.  LEARN is an acronym for Learning, Enrichment, Achievement, Reinforcement and Nurture. Our motto for the LEARN department is ‘Learning Together, Valuing Differences’.

John Amos Comenius (.doc document)
Assessment in the American Academy Junior School (cover) (.doc document)
Using our bodies to self assess in PE (.doc document)
Self Assessment in Maths (.doc document)
Self Assessment in Science (.doc document)
Self assessment Science target sheets (.doc document)
Self Assessment in Science worksheet examples (.doc document)
Self Assessment in science using our computers (.doc document)
SEN Pupil Involvement in Assessment for Learning (.doc document)
Peer Assessment in Pre Junior Numeracy (.doc document)
Peer Assessment work in Science (.doc document)
Peer Assessment of the posters (.doc document)
Whole Class Assessment Grade 5 Numeracy (.doc document)
Whole Class Feedback Guide (.ppt presentation)
Teacher Assessment in literacy (.doc document)
Comenius Feedback correlation chart
(.doc document)
Literacy – Teacher Assessment feedback sheet (.doc document)
Methods for a quick Teacher Assessment of whole class learning (.doc document)
Building a Portfolio (.doc document)
Working on our projects using the criteria rubric (.doc document)
Formal Tests and Assessments AFL (.doc document)

“A special need” – presentation in Larnaca (.ppt presentation)
Special Education in Cyprus presented in Larnaca (.ppt presentation)

The visits:
Visit to Ireland (.doc document)
American Academy presenting our school in Ireland (.ppt presentation)
Our school display about the Comenius visit to Ireland (.doc document)
Preparing for visit in Lodz (Poland) in May 2012 (.ppt presentation)
Visit to Poland (.doc document)
Visit to Germany (.doc document)
Preparing for the meeting in Austria (.ppt presentation)
Visit to Vienna (.doc document)


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