Buitengewoon Onderwijs De Schuit, Blankenberge
Weststraat 115

sailor logoshipIn 1973 separate classes were created next to the primary school for children with special needs.  The school got its name De Schuit in 1983 . The name refers to a historical fishing boat.

The school is part of a large school community and is located in Blankenberge, a seaside resort on the Belgian coast.3

Since its inauguration, De Schuit has develop as a dynamic school for children who cannot follow the pace of a mainstream primary school.

Recently, we have also opened a new class for children who fall within the Autism Spectrum Disorder.

We strongly believe in the enhancement of the individual zone of the proximal development in each child. (Vygotski)

It’s part of our pedagogical vision to implement the latest and most forward looking teaching strategies.

We want to model our pupils into strong individual learners so they can function independently in our rapidly changing 21st century society.

The little sailor, pictured in our logo, welcomes each child in the school.

sailor logo


Comenius in our school:

Presenting Comenius to the children (1) – The play (.doc)
Presenting Comenius to the children (2) – The poster project (.doc)
Presenting Comenius to the children (3) – The display (.doc)

Selfassessment (1)
Selfassessment (2) – Graphic Organizer (.doc)
Co-assessment (.doc)
Portfolio Assessment (1) (.doc)
Portfolio Assessment (2) (.doc)
Performance Assessment (.doc)

Presentations from the conferences:
Conference in Blankenberge (.ppt presentation)
Conference in Rastede (.ppt)
Conference in Galway (.ppt)
Conference in Vienna (.ppt)
Conference in Larnaca (.ppt)

A short clip from the visit to Germany:


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