Volksschule (VS), Vienna

Austrian SchoolOur school is located in an area with a rather high level of migrants. Because of this diversity it is necessary to create an atmosphere of bilateral respect and acceptance. We also have to support a group of pupils with special needs in their emotional development as well as in their school performance. This requires a high engagement of teachers, good teamwork, cooperation with specialists in and outside school and, not at least, open minded teachers.

Our school is a so called GEPS – school (Global Education Primary School), which means, that we cooperate with native speakers, in each class 5 hours  a week. We are sure that these English lessons will help our pupils for their continuing education and also in the future to get a better position for employment.

We are a school with 8 classes. One class is a so called ‘Integration class’, which means, that there are 6 children with special needs are integrated in a standard Primary school class at the second form. Two classes are so called ‘Movement classes’, which means, that the children have more possibilities to move in and outside the classroom. Beside this  each class participates to the programm ‘Kids in Motion’, where sport-specialists train our kids.

School starts at 8 o’clock in the morning and ends at 1 p.m. After school our children have the possibility to be in attend at several so called ‘Horte’, where they also have the possibility to be supported in their homework.

On the one hand knowledge transfer is very important to us, on the other hand we highly value working on social skills.

Pupils, parents and teachers are seen and treated as partners with equal rights.

Due to constant advanced training and improvement our school can offer a very high professional standard.

Special Education Needs Plan (.docx document)
Alternative Assessments in Austria (.ppt presentation)
Examples of self assessment (.docx document)
Peer Assessment in the Classroom (.docx document)
Our comenius board (.docx document)
Our partners in Vienna
(.docx document)
Our pupils assessed a PPT from our partner country Germany (.docx document)
Our pupils gave their best to prepare posters for our partner countries (.docx document)


One Response to Austria

  1. I’d like to thank Mrs. Lehrl and Mrs. Schuster for working so hard on the Comeiuns project over the past two years. Our school and many others all over Europe have benefited from the sharing of ideas. I hope the bonds they have made will last long into the future.
    Sincerely Karin Buresch (VDn)

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