Portfolio assessment

From an early age children can develop self-assessment skills, gradually taking more responsibility for the quality of their own work.

Creating a portfolio is a useful way to promote these skills.

A portfolio is a collection of the child’s work, reflecting his/her learning and development over a period of time. It can provide evidence of progress in learning in a curriculum area,
a subject, a strand, or a across a number of these, using a topic or theme as the focus.


Depending on its purpose, the portfolio can be used over a year, a term, or a shorter period.

Portfolios also provide opportunities for collaborative assessment whereby the teacher and child together look at and talk about the child’s work, identifying positive features
and points for improvement.

‘Two stars and a wish’   help visualize the positive features (stars) and the points
for improvement (wish).


Portfolios can exist in hard copy and/or electronically.

An electronic portfolio, also known as an e-portfolio or digital portfolio, is a collection of
a child’s work created using word processing, presentation, multimedia authoring, concept mapping, database and/or spreadsheet software, and is assembled by the child.

For more information see: ‘Assessment in the Primary School Curriculum ‘ NCCA  Ireland


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