Our Comenius Project

Project Reference: 2011-COM-MP-B-CO-17


Project Description:

All the schools of the Comenius project work with children (6 until 16) with special needs. We all want to give them the best possible support so that they learn to function independently and they will be able to participate actively in a dynamic society. The process of evaluation is undoubtedly inherent to the process of learning. However it is no longer considered an independent instrument to evaluate learning. More and more it is also seen as a tool to support and guide the same learning process. The interpretation as well as the feedback of evaluation, both towards the students learning and the teachers teaching, are powerful tools to strengthen the evolution of a child’s learning. This is even more so since recently this whole process of assessment and its interpretation moves more and more in the direction of the students themselves. We have to help our children in this development so that they will have the skills and attitudes to function in our society. Eventually this will allow the student to guide his own learning, even in domains that are less accessible to teachers such as the domains of the dynamic affective development and the profiling of his own self.

During the first year we plan an analysis of the different schools to find out how assessment is realized in their locations. We’ll be able to draw an operational plan with the aim to improve assessment in our schools.

The second year we’ll refine the operational plan. The plan will move from general ideas towards more differentiated and school specific actions. We want to fulfill the plan so at the end we’ll have a broader approach that must be translated into a useful and comprehensive assessment system.

All our experience and knowledge will be presented to, and shared with, schools in the wider region.


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