‘The growing demand for lifelong learners and reflective practitioners has stimulated
a re-evaluation of the relationship between learning and its assessment, and has influenced to a large extent the development of new assessment forms such as self-, peer, and co-assessment.

The use of a combination of different new assessment forms encourages students to become more responsible and reflective. ‘ (*)

 From this view came the idea to start a Comenius project that got the title :

‘It’s all about who I am, and what I can!’

 Through the project we got acquainted with alternative ways of assessment that allow students to reflect on their own process of learning and become so ‘owners of their own learning’.

Through the project we created an own vision to realize  ‘Competency Based Assessment in Primary Schools’ by implementing alternative assessment tools as performance assessment, portfolio assessment and self-, peer, and co-assessment in our schools.

By visiting our partner schools in Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Ireland , Germany and Poland, we experienced how assessment was developing or how is was already done in the local schools.

This Comenius project has been a journey through a renovating world of Assessment.  It resulted in a gathering of knowledge about ‘Assessment’ that now can be implemented in the schools and that will help our students to become reflective practitioners and ‘Life Long Learners’.


Vera Cockuyt – Belgium

Coordinator of the project : ‘It’s all about who I am, and what I can!’

(*)  ‘Studies in Higher education’ : The use of self-, peer and co-assessment in higher education: A review. Volume 24, issue 3, 1999, F. Dochy, M. Segers, D. Sluijsmans
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